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The Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Toolkit

Creating a well-oiled SNF billing machine can be difficult with changing regulations and reimbursement requirements. Handling constant financial and regulatory challenges can take resources and time away from focusing on quality care, maintaining staff and providing the best possible patient experience.

In this Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Toolkit, you’ll find resources to help you strengthen your entire revenue cycle. Whether you’re a SNF administrator, CFO or billing specialist, our toolkit has something for every member of your SNF business office team.


The Skilled Nursing Facility Toolkit gives you:

Guide to Getting Started with SNF Billing

For those SNFs new to billing Medicare, making heads or tails out of where to put your focus and resources might feel overwhelming. Our new Guide to Getting Started with SNF Billing breaks it down – from claims submission to common pitfalls and billing regulations.

Triple Check Review List

The triple check review helps your facility ensure billing accuracy and compliance with regulations before you submit claims to Medicare or managed care providers. This internal checklist helps align your entire billing and clinical process to ensure you get paid accurately, quickly, and lessen the chance of Medicare scrutiny.

Billing Medicare Claims Made Easy Video

Learn how the Medicare Enterprise package gives your team back its valuable time and your business more revenue. This short video shows you how our unique tools make billing Medicare claims so much easier so you get paid accurately and quickly.

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