Medicare Eligibility Verification

Easily stay up-to-date on patient eligibility.

Verifying patients' Medicare eligibility is essential for successful claim acceptance rates and ultimately reimbursement. If not caught up front, coverage changes commonly cause rejections, denials, and  increase A/R days.

Medicare Eligibility Verification from eSolutions allows you to effortlessly verify and re-verify patient eligibility so all coverage stays up to date. Our ability to access a unique data set straight from Medicare gives you access to comprehensive coverage information and personal patient data, which you can correct on the spot if there are inconsistencies.


With eSolutions you can verify eligibility up front in real time to lay the foundation for successful reimbursement, or use our batch process to quickly discover coverage discrepancies for multiple patients, any time. This decreases registration errors, improves staff efficiency, and gets you paid faster.

If you'd like to see our Eligibility Tool in action or try it out risk-free using your own patient data, simply fill out the form on the right and one of our experts will connect with you shortly.

Make eligibility verification easy.