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Introducing Revenue Insights powered by TITAN

Easily and quickly get meaningful, actionable data to keep your revenue cycle healthy.

eSolutions is launching Revenue Insights powered by TITAN exclusively to ClaimRemedi users.

Use this vital new tool to quickly get a pulse on your revenue cycle, including your top revenue codes, denial rates, reimbursement bottlenecks and efficiency of your operations.

"I don't want to think about how much time it would take me to get this data. I'd pay double my current subscription to get my hands on this."


  • Simple setup
  • Impactful, high-level data visualization
  • Easy-to-understand dashboard of key performance indicators
  • Early warning system for revenue cycle performance
  • Ability to upgrade to full TITAN capabilities with more drill-down functionality

Fill out the form on the right to see all these features and more with a demo featuring your practice's own data. You'll leave the demo with valuable information, including a free revenue cycle health report!

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