7 Tips for Finding the Hidden Treasure in Your Medicare Data | eBook

Too often, Medicare data doesn’t receive the in-depth analysis it should to allow providers to improve their Medicare billing procedures.

For those willing to crunch the numbers, the benefits to your revenue cycle management can be transformative. After all, your top priority is providing your patients quality care, but you’re also running a business. Inside this ebook, you'll discover seven key metrics you should track to make the most of your Medicare data.

This ebook is perfect for skilled nursing facilitieshome health agencieshospitalshospice agencieshealth centersdurable medical equipment providersphysician practices and any provider billing Medicare.

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What's Inside?

  • Tracking your days in A/R
  • Weekly A/R suspense tracking
  • Error tracking
  • Claims paid after 60 days or more
  • Top 10 reason codes
  • ANSI remark codes
  • Benchmarking

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