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Getting Ready for Review Choice Demonstration | eBook

In 2016, CMS announced a new process for home health agencies called Pre-Claim Review (PCR). This demonstration was meant to reduce expenditures while maintaining or improving quality of care. After a rocky start in Illinois, PCR was delayed indefinitely. 

In May of 2018, CMS announced an updated version of PCR called Review Choice Demonstration (RCD). This update offers more flexibility for providers and is expected to launch in Illinois on December 10, 2018. In this eBook, we'll walk you through RCD and give you advice on how you can implement this new process into your workflow.


What's Inside? 

  • The History of Review Choice 
  • The Return of Pre-Claim Review
  • Preparing for Review Choice
  • Suggested Technology for Review Choice
  • How We Can Help with Pre-Claim Review
  • How We Can Help with Post-Payment Review

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